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Hoox is a Customer Activation Platform for financial service providers, helping banks and card issuers engage with their customers in order to gain top-of-wallet

10x More Effective

Card issuers engage their cardholders with real-time personalized incentives through participating  merchants, who in return lower their cart abandonment rates and boost their conversion


Win-Win for issuers, merchants & consumers

Hoox offers a SaaS platform for Issuers to target their customers outside of their network, by offering dynamic, personalized, real-time and measurable incentives that actually work

From lost revenues to top-of-wallet -

10x more effective card activation, at a fraction of the costs

Engage your cardholders to gain top-of-wallet position

Our Solutions

Hoox helps card issuers boost usage by offering cardholders a real-time personalized incentive while they shop

Target cardholders
Create campaigns
Define incentives
Select merchant network
Set budgets & ROI

Real Time Dashboard & Control Tower


Elevate your financial institution with our scalable platform, combining cutting-edge security and adaptability. Designed for peak performance, our solution seamlessly grows with your evolving needs, ensuring a future-proof and agile foundation. 


Built on a resilient foundation, our solution guarantees consistent and uninterrupted service. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we empower users to rely on our platform for seamless and dependable performance.


Our SaaS platform prioritizes robust security, employing advanced encryption, strict authentication, and regular audits to protect user data. We're committed to staying ahead of evolving threats, ensuring a safe and reliable environment for our users.


Compliance with privacy regulations is paramount for our service, despite not handling any personally identifiable information (PII). We prioritize user trust through transparent privacy policies, robust data protection measures, and proactive security protocols, aligning with GDPR principles.


Hoox is a zero-knowledge data collaboration platform. We use a SHA-2 512 bit hashing, RSA 4096 Asymmetric Key encryption mechanism and multiple other encryption processes to enable personalized capabilities with full privacy

Personalized experiences, complete privacy


Let the Numbers Do the Talking

Hoox helps card issuers boost usage by offering cardholders a real-time personalized incentive while they shop

Issuer's Co-branded cards most only being used within its own retail store; Activity outside their lower than 1%


Target and activate brand card holders shopping outside of Co-brand store, with an incentive budget of less than $10 per activation


Get to -




Achieved 30% conversion


Conversion Uplift


Card Issuer

600,000 cards

Merchant is suffering from 70% cart abandonment rates and is self-funding discounts or benefits of up to 15% per transaction, directly impacting store P&L


Boost conversion from cart to checkout without impact to store P&L


Prove -



Reduction in cart abandonment rates

Got to -


Uplift from Cart to Checkout



500,000 Traffic

A Word From Our Customers

Hoox identifies consumer (pre) purchase intent in stores and presents a real-time personalized offer

“This is one of the most efficient collaborations we’ve ever had, with zero cannibalization and great consumer value”


“The conversion we see is unbelievable, this is by far the highest conversion we’ve seen so far in the entire portfolio history. Any conversion higher than 10% is a revolution compared to what we do today” 

Card Issuer

Gain a Top-of-Wallet position at a fraction of the cost!

Our Story

Financial service providers (‘issuers’) spend $200/yr. on debit/credit card acquisition and retention. Yet, more than 30% of cards remain inactive. Inactive customers are difficult to engage with, simply because they’re not listening to legacy methods. Generic, out-of-context communication and/or offers do not perform well.

We noticed these challenges while working within the payments/card industry for years and learned from experimentation that approaching customers during the ‘golden moment’ of real-time purchase intent in a personalized manner is 10X more effective. We thought we could optimize it by offering consumers with dynamic, personalized, real-time, measurable incentives - when they shop online.

Hoox is a customer activation platform, utilizing real-time data, creating personalized experiences that unlock full customer potential for businesses. By leveraging our proprietary technology and data-driven insights, we help credit card companies increase their activation rates and ultimately drive more revenue.

Oz Azaria


Guy Freedman


Roee Peled

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